About Us

QuickRx is a leading specialty pharmacy where each team member is devoted to assisting patients during their specialized treatments:


  • Is ACHC accredited
  • Is Licensed in 30+ States
  • Collaborates with drug manufacturers and providers to guide patients through their treatments
  • Works to improve our patients’ access to specialty medications


The pharmacy industry is continuously evolving, but at QuickRX Specialty we have made it our mission to be ahead of the curve, continually developing and providing high-quality formulations and extraordinary customer service to both patients and healthcare practitioners.

We do more than simply fill your prescriptions; we offer a wide variety of concentrated care, treatments, and medications to help you manage your condition. We provide specialty medications to help treat chronic, rare and complex conditions.

QuickRX pharmacies go above and beyond to convenience, professionalism and pharmaceutical resources to give you the best individualized personal care possible. You can be sure that your information and privacy is fully respected at all times.

We take your time seriously, which is why we do everything we can to make your pharmacy experience convenient. We help to remind you of refill dates to make sure you stay in line with your treatment plans, as well as organize your medications for you so that they are ready at the same time.

Have questions about your insurance or benefits? Need help finding financial assistance? We can help! We will work with you and your insurance to help answer any questions you may have.

Contact Us

QuickRX Corporate
1047 Surf Avenue 2nd Fl
Brooklyn, NY, 11224
Telephone: 347-691-3494
Email: support@quickrxspecialty.com