Improving Patient Satisfaction for the Neediest Patients

A Brooklyn-based family healthcare entity’s old pharmacy caused negative patient outcomes. Partnering with QuickRX drastically improved results.


The Bedford-Stuyvesant Family Health Center (BSFHC) offers the neediest people in Brooklyn, NY a broad range of healthcare services, with an emphasis on prevention, education and critical support.


The BSFHC had an on-site pharmacy in their center for 25 years. However, the pharmacy was not a 340B program provider, did not understand the program, and was not interested in ever functioning as a 340B partner long term with BSFHC.

In addition, the previous on-site pharmacy was falling short on delivering high-quality customer service to BSFHC’s community. As a result, they had numerous challenges:

  • A 340B capture rate less than 10%
  • Only 2,000 prescriptions filled monthly
  • Prescription wait time for patients up to 45 minutes
  • No delivery to patients
  • No prior authorization assistance


BSFHC and QuickRx partnered in 2007—with QuickRx quickly becoming a better pharmacy choice than the previous partner. QuickRx rebuilt the previous pharmacy inside BSFHC’s health center into a state-of-the-art pharmacy. QuickRx also had a pre-existing pharmacy next door to the health center. That meant QuickRx had a pharmacy both inside and next door to BSFHC, providing extended hours to their community beyond the health center’s regular hours.

As part of QuickRx’s commitment to delivering outstanding customer service, they provided BSFHC patients the following:

  • Quicker prescription fulfillment time
  • Free delivery
  • Refill reminders
  • Benefits coordination
  • Financial assistance
  • Prior authorization teams
  • Adherence programs
  • 24/7 pharmacist support


Since BSFHC partnered with QuickRx, the results have been extraordinary:

 90% 340B capture rate

More than 5,000 prescriptions filled per month

Prescription wait times of less than 15 minutes

95% patient satisfaction

More than $1M per year in 340B-generated revenue

With all of these benefits, the BSFHC is better served to provide healthcare to the neediest people in Brooklyn.

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