About Quickrx

About Us


QuickRx is a provider of specialty medications which is currently licensed in 39 states. The QuickRx team is focused on providing the latest and most effective pharmaceutical therapies to patients suffering from chronic illnesses.


Passionate about providing reliable and accessible health care for all, Elan Katz, founded QuickRx pharmacy in 2000. Now, for nearly two decades, QuickRx has served New Yorkers in all of their pharmacy needs. Providing more than just medication; QuickRx counsels their patients, caregivers, and family members to provide long-term patient care and outstanding customer service.

Our patients’ health and wellness are our top priorities, which is why at QuickRx we are continuously developing innovative pharmaceuticals/ medication dispensaries and services. With over ten locations, the team at QuickRx rapidly delivers specialty medication right to our patients’ doorstep.

As a newly ACHC accredited pharmacy, we adhere to strict guidelines set for patient care to ensure all of our patients’ conditions are being treated correctly and quickly. Visit us at one of our locations and let QuickRx assist you in your journey to recovery.

Our people

Our team of expert pharmacists and technicians are highly trained to conditions through the use of intricate drug therapies. These conditions include: Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Hepatitis, Dermatology conditions, and many other forms of illness. We are devoted to providing our patients with access to specialty medications, cost management solutions, and personalized care to ensure effective treatment and considerable therapeutic outcomes.