Prepare for Emergencies

Managing your condition includes having an emergency plan in place.

Be Prepared

QuickRx Specialty Pharmacy has a comprehensive emergency preparedness plan in case a disaster occurs. Disasters may include fire to our facility, chemical spills in the community, hurricanes, tornadoes and community evacuations. Our primary goal is to continue to service your health care needs. It is your responsibility to contact QuickRx Specialty Pharmacy regarding any medications you may require when there is a threat of disaster or inclement weather so that you have enough medications to sustain you.

If a disaster occurs, follow instructions from the civil authorities in your area. QuickRx Specialty Pharmacy will utilize every resource available to continue to service you. However, there may be circumstances where QuickRx Specialty Pharmacy cannot meet your needs due to the scope of the disaster. In that case, you must utilize the resources of your local rescue or medical facility. QuickRx Specialty Pharmacy will work closely with authorities to ensure your safety.

If you need to leave your home because of an emergency:

  • Take enough medication and supplies with you to last through the emergency
  • If you use an infusion pump or other device, be sure to take it with you
  • For medication that needs to be kept cool, fill a cooler with ice to store your medication
  • When you can, call QuickRx Specialty team to let us know how you are and where we can reach you during the emergency