Your prescriptions

We make it as convenient as possible to fill, refill and get the medications and supplies you need, when you need them. To inquire about your new prescription or to obtain a prescription refill please call QuickRx Specialty Team at 347-691-3494; toll-free: 800-469-6111.

Pickup or Delivery

QuickRx Specialty is a neighborhood pharmacy you can walk into, we can have your specialty medication available for pickup at our QuickRx Specialty Pharmacy located at 1642 Eastchester Road, Bronx, NY 10461.

Or you can choose to have your medication conveniently delivered by our delivery service to your home, office, doctor’s office or even a temporary address if you’re traveling. Contact us at 347-691-3494 toll-free: 800-469-6111.

Delivery Days

Regular delivery is Monday through Friday. We’re happy to make different arrangements if needed.

Prescription Status.

You can check your prescription status by simply calling QuickRx Specialty Team at 347-691-3494, toll-free: 800-469-6111.

If QuickRx Specialty is not able to provide the medication, we will assist patients to gain access to a medication by transferring the prescription to another specialty pharmacy.

To transfer your prescription to another pharmacy please have your pharmacy call QuickRx Specialty Team at 347-691-3494, toll-free: 800-469-6111.


All customers will receive a call concerning any drug recalls or any other unacceptable product by the QuickRx Specialty Team.

Late or Missing Deliveries

Ensuring that you have your medication when you need it is our top priority. If for some reason you don’t receive your order on schedule, please call us as soon as possible to avoid missing a dose.

Receiving Your Shipment

In some cases, packages will require a signature. You will be notified by a QuickRx Specialty Team member if a signature is required.  If your package requires a signature and you or someone you trust isn’t available, we can arrange a different delivery time or pickup at QuickRx Specialty Pharmacy.

Change of Address

Please notify QuickRx Specialty Team if your address, phone number or delivery preference changes.


Contact QuickRx Specialty Team by calling us at 347-691-3494, toll-free: 800-469-6111. If you’re on vacation or away from home for an extended period, you can arrange delivery to your current location (within United States).  Certain insurance plans allow for a vacation supply. Please contact QuickRx Specialty or your insurance plan to see if you qualify.

Emergency Refills

Sometimes, you may need an emergency prescription or refill. Please contact QuickRx Specialty Team at 347-691-3494, toll-free: 800-469-6111 and we will assist you with your emergency.