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Financial Assistance

Getting the medications needed to treat illnesses is not always an easy task. At QuickRx we understand healthcare costs are often major financial burdens to patients. To help combat this problem our team goes above and beyond to help patients gain access to more affordable medications when possible.


What types of financial assistance programs are available for my specialty prescription(s)?

Patients who are eligible for financial assistance can utilize manufacturer, copay, discount, or patient assistance programs to lower their out of pocket costs for specialty prescriptions.


What are patient assistance programs?

Patient assistance programs offer financial assistance to patients. These programs are typically funded through organizations to help uninsured, underinsured, and government funded patients afford their medications.

Patient assistance programs typically have criteria patients must meet before receiving benefits. Qualifying criteria can include:

  • Income
  • Dependencies
  • Coverage for select medications
  • Yearly applications
  • Compliancy with taking medications as prescribed


What are manufacturer, copay, discount, and patient assistance programs?

These programs offer financial assistance through the drug manufacturer as a secondary form of payment to offset the patient’s copay or out of pocket costs. Most brand name drugs are covered under at least one of these programs.

However, these financial assistance programs cannot be used for prescriptions covered by Medicare, Medicaid, or any other federal or state funded program.


What is the process for obtaining financial assistance for my specialty prescription(s)?

Patients can call 800-496-6111 to speak with a specialist to obtain prescription specific financial assistance information. During the phone call, patients may be asked questions to determine their eligibility. If eligible, the patient will be enrolled by the specialist or be provided with a website or phone number to enroll themselves.

Patients will be contacted when after being approved for financial assistance and receive any additional information needed to receive the discount. Note: Select eligible Specialty prescriptions are automatically investigated to determine if the prescription or patient qualifies for financial assistance. Patients will be contacted with additional information if investigations show them to be eligible.

I have Medicare/Medicaid. Am I eligible for any financial assistance?

Yes, depending on the type of financial assistance available, you may be eligible to receive a lower out of pocket cost on Specialty prescriptions. A specialist at the Specialty Support Center (888-782-8443) can provide additional information.